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Forefoot DFU, healed with eight applications

  • Presented by: Terrill F. Brown III, DPM
  • Patient history: Type 2 diabetes
  • Diagnosis: DFU of 6 months duration
  • Treatment and outcome: Ulcer healed in 8 weeks after adding 8 applications of Dermagraft to conventional therapy


Results of this case study are provided by the practicing physician(s). Results may vary and not all patients will achieve complete wound closure with Dermagraft. In the Phase III pivotal trial, Dermagraft plus conventional therapy resulted in significantly more patients achieving complete wound closure by 12 weeks vs conventional therapy alone (30.0% vs 18.3%, respectively) (P=0.023).1,2

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References: 1. Dermagraft Directions for Use. Organogenesis. 2012. 2. Marston WA, et al. Diabetes Care. 2003;26(6):1701-1705.