Specialized customer support for Dermagraft

For healthcare professionals

  • Dermagraft Reimbursement Hotline (1-888-432-5235 option 3)
    • Ensures that physician and facility providers receive appropriate reimbursement education on Dermagraft
    • Answers questions and verifies insurance coverage and benefits for patients
    • Tracks prior authorizations
  • Insurance coverage for Dermagraft
    • 100% of Medicare lives are currently covered for Dermagraft treatment when medically appropriate3
    • More than 1000 private insurers cover Dermagraft3
  • Customer support programs and resources
    • 1-888-HEAL-2-DAY or (888)-432-5232

For patients

  • DFU educational resources
  • Dermagraft educational resources
  • Dermagraft reimbursement support
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