Counseling your Dermagraft patients1

ico-clock First 72 hours. After application of Dermagraft, patients should be instructed not to disturb the ulcer site for approximately 72 hours (3 days)
ico-layers Dressing changes. After the first 72 hours, the patient or caregiver should perform the first dressing change; the frequency of additional dressing changes should be determined by the treating physician
ico-paper Wound care and off-weighting. Patients should be given detailed instructions on proper wound care so they can manage dressing changes between visits; compliance with off-weight-bearing instructions should be emphasized
ico-tick Follow-up visits. Patients should be advised that they are expected to return for follow-up treatments on a routine basis until the ulcer heals or until they are discharged from treatment
ico-mobile Contacting their physician. Patients should be instructed to contact their physician if at any time they experience pain or discomfort at the ulcer site or if they notice redness, swelling, or discharge around/from the ulcer

Do not reuse, refreeze, or sterilize the Dermagraft product or its container.

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